The Yana Movement is a motivational and inspirational platform divinely designed to support people in their darkest moments of despair and hopelessness.  The movements purpose is centered in providing guidance, strategies, and resources for those struggling with difficult life challenges.  Most importantly, the movement is imparting this truth: You Are Not Alone! Along with the YANA Movement is THE YANA HEALING CIRCLE.  It is a support group where people are coming together to help one another heal from the inside out by sharing their stories and provide support and encouragement to each other in their darkest hour.   

Tis The Season For The Reason

Tis the season for the reason!  But, isn't the original saying, "He's the reason for the season"?  Yes, you would be correct.  But, I have been having a lot of conversations with people and the main theme or concern is that there is something different about the season we're in today.  There are deep divisions within our country and in our communities and when you see racism, discrimination, and hate on the rise it usually signifies intense fear.  People fear change or the unknown and there is mass change going on in the world daily and so much unknown.  Crime, killings, deaths, chaos and lawlessness are on the rise.  What is the average human being to do and where does one go for the answer? 

Tis the season for the reason.  I do not hide my faith in Jesus Christ and I truly believe that he is the answer for all of the hate, fear, uncertainty, pain and hurt people are experiencing and feeling around the world. I believe that we are all products of our environment and how we were raised and with all that at some point we have to determine how we want to show up in this world.  Do we want to show up in love or the opposite of love?  

This is the month where many holidays are observed such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, just to name a few of the major holidays, as there are more.  For me, I celebrate Christmas and Jesus is the reason for the season.  I see how people are more generous and kind during this time of year but, I also see how corporations use this time to gain or recoup profits.  With all of this said, my God is gracious to all in spite of peoples motives and is available to meet us where we are and provide the peace we are in search of and in need of.  

I personally, individually, am not the answer for all of life's challenges and woes but I have a relationship with the one I believe does.  I invite everyone who gets to read this blog to get to know him or get to know/return to your spiritual foundation whatever that might be.  There is no way for us to figure everything out on our own, nor can we do everything on our own.  I find refuge and security in knowing that I can release all my fears and unknowns to my God and he will take care of everyone and replace it with faith, peace and most importantly, LOVE. This time of year can be stressful for all of us and if you need someone to talk to please reach out to me.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I Want The Invisible To Be Visible

I was trying to think about how to describe my passion for people in a couple of words and while reading an article it came to me.  I want to help the invisible become visible.  It came to me because for so many years of my life I felt as if I was invisible.  They say perception is reality, correct?  I remember growing up watching other people such as family members and friends being dotted on, adored, swooned over and sought after.  But, I never had that experience.  So, I vicariously felt it through the lives of others.  I knew I had a voice but didn't think anyone was too interested in hearing it.  To be honest, I was the dark child, the invisible one that no one saw or paid attention to.  The only ones that I felt saw me were God and my grandmother Nonnie.  But, to everyone else I was an acceptable shadow.  It wasn't until I I got to college when I started to find my voice and share it.  It was there that I I was on equal ground with everyone else and no longer in the shadows of someone elses light.  

Today, I am a huge acknowledger, if that is a word, and I want people to know that they are not invisible.  I personally try to speak to those who are easily ignored and I purposefully tell other dark children that they are beautiful because society and especially media blatantly omits us.  By the way, I love all children of all shades and tell them all they are beautiful.  I champion the autistic child and their parents for autism is a very special cause to me.  Everyone wants and deserves to be acknowledged, seen, and told that they matter.  Well, I am here today to tell you that you matter, I acknowledge you and will do my best to truly see you if you happen to cross my path.  You are NOT invisible!