Felice Hightower is the host of ‘Real Talk with Felice.’ From her young days watching the ‘Phil Donahue Show’ and, of course, Oprah, she always knew that she wanted to be a talk show host. She has talked about and kept this dream alive until this very day. Felice started out talking to herself as a young girl growing up in the projects in Brooklyn, New York. The oldest of three, her two brothers and she were raised by a lovingly and strict single mother. They were further supported by the unconditional love of their grandmother, whom they affectionately called "Nonnie." To God be the glory, all of the siblings made something of themselves and Felice’s path led her to Johnson C. Smith
University in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she majored in economics and eventually worked in the banking industry.  She worked at the bank for over 15 years as a help desk analyst and then a for the last nine years of her banking career.

Felice always knew that banking would not be a resting place for her, and while there she questioned God on many occasions. But God used the bank as a training ground for her and helped her to develop her facilitation skills as a trainer. It was also because of banking that she was able to obtain her master’s degree in counseling. It has been as a counselor that she has been the most fulfilled in her career. She loves people and enjoys hearing their stories, as they inspire her and cause her to continue in her journey of self-reflection.

Felice especially has a passion for helping women process through their issues, because as a woman,  she feels she is better able to relate.  As a counselor Felice has also come to learn that there is so much more to understand, talk about and process through with men, as well. Counseling is a part of her continued journey in pursuit of her dream of being a talk show host.  She wants to engage in real talk with real people going through real life issues.  Not politically correct talk, but REAL TALK! Why? Because she is real or, at least, she thinks she is on most days. Felice knows she requires an enormous amount of grace and mercy, therefore, she understands that she must give that in her conversations with others.

Active in the community, Felice gives back through events such as the Autism Speaks Walk, Carolina Breast Friends, the Red Pump Red Tie event , and the Walk 4 Mommy 5K event.  A natural people person, she also participates in area social events such as ‘Spread’ magazine launch, Charlotte Seen Decades of Fashion, the Pretty-n-Ink grand opening, the Charlotte Beauty Awards, the Mercedes-Benz Celebrity Mixer, and the Trendsetter to Trendsetter Magazine Launch.  Always willing to share her inspiration with others, Felice has been a motivational speaker for numerous organizations, including the Salvation Army, the Winter White Soiree, and Mix n Mingle 2015.

To name a few personal facts about Felice, she is a foodie, avid people watcher, dog and animal lover, Detroit ballroomer/Chicago stepper, and a jewelry and shoe lover (over 200 pairs … and counting). She loves God, her daughter, family, friends and church. She looks forward to getting to know her audience through her show, ‘Real Talk with Felice. ’