Hello From Real Talk With Felice

Hello 2018!  I am so excited about the new year and all of the opportunities ahead.  RTWF is wanting to hear from you and about the things that are of concern to you.

What are you wanting to talk about? Have you had enough of the same old rhetoric and wanting something new, something exciting, and something relevant?  I hear you and I am listening.  Together we can make this happen by you sending me your concerns, topics of relevance and ideas.  Just email me via the site and I will get in touch with you. Let's make this year better than the previous.

 I am a licensed professional counselor trained to help you get through life.  I would love to hear from you.  

What Are You Expecting?

I am sure you have settled into the new year and realize the years are speeding by more quickly than before.  With that being said let's take a moment to reflect where you are this February 2017?  Are you still on track with your goals or have you given up and retreated to your original MO? Could it be, you have stopped expecting great things for your life?  Have you gone back to feeling sorry for yourself and expecting people and circumstances to let you down?  

Unrealistic expectations of ourselves, others and the uncontrollable can disappoint us, frustrate us and render some hopeless.  So, how do we live a life of expectancy and hope with a renewed passion for the future ahead of us? Good question and the answer lies within you.  Yes, YOU! You have some work ahead of you and it begins with your thought life and world view also known as your perception of things.  

You have to change the way you think, examine your perceptions and begin to expect to win every time and in every situation regardless of the outcome.  I personally do this myself in spite of what happens in the natural.  I may not always get what I believe I deserve on my job, or in relationships with others but, it never stops me from expecting good things to happen in my life.  Ultimately, I win no matter what!  

The main reason we get so disappointed with life and with people is because we expect too much from people and not enough from God.  Most of us have become experts at expecting bad things to happen and actually prepare mentally and emotionally for their occurrence.  What you fail to realize is you create your destiny by what you expect to happen in your life and it all starts with your thoughts.  If you expect to fail or expect for something bad to happen in your life then you move in that direction.  But, if you do the opposite and believe you are destined for greatness and good things will happen in your life then you will move in that direction.  

Let's do a little experiment this month and only think good things about ourselves and our future no matter what happens and let's expect to win in every situation.  Let me share a little secret with you that a lot people tend to forget.  When one door closes another one always opens and usually it is much better than the door that closed.  No one can stop what God has for you and I mean no one.  All of your needs will still be taken care of and then Some and God will make sure he does over and above anything man can do.  You will do great things and everything you desire for yourself will manifest.  You don't have to worry about how or when....Just sit back, expect more from God and take off.  

I would love to hear from you at the end of the month to share how changing your thoughts and expecting more from God and less from others has worked out for you.  




Fear Not

It's 2017 and you have all these resolutions, goals, and vision board items to accomplish within a years time.  Then here comes old familiar fear that attempts to paralyze you so you don't move confidently in your new year and it's fresh start.  Do you really think you can accomplish even one of your goals?  You've said you were going to do things before and didn't.  What makes this year any different?  This is the familiar whisper that comes to steal your dreams and cause you to lose steam.  But, fear not and forge ahead anyway with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.  

Look at life as a battlefield and you are a soldier who has to get home to safety and the ones you love.  You have to be courageous and look at fear in the eye and defeat it with constant and continuous steps moving forward in spite of fear.  You have to attack fear on all fronts and most importantly in your mind.  Every thought of fear and negativity you must attack immediately and replace it with your voice.  You have to speak to fear and command it to go and flee from before you.  You have to tell fear it has no place in your present or future and no matter how many times it tries to rear it's ugly head you will be there ready to attack and kill.  

You have the power to overcome fear and every other obstacle coming your way.  You will accomplish every resolution, goal and vision board item one step at a time and one victory at a time.  This thing called life is not new to you and you have overcome some hardships in your past and got through some fears.  But fear is a punk that can't stand on it's own so it tries to get you to be a punk too.  Well, you are a victorious soldier on the war path to victory!  Send me an email about your victories this year and how you overcame your fears.