Fear Not

It's 2017 and you have all these resolutions, goals, and vision board items to accomplish within a years time.  Then here comes old familiar fear that attempts to paralyze you so you don't move confidently in your new year and it's fresh start.  Do you really think you can accomplish even one of your goals?  You've said you were going to do things before and didn't.  What makes this year any different?  This is the familiar whisper that comes to steal your dreams and cause you to lose steam.  But, fear not and forge ahead anyway with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.  

Look at life as a battlefield and you are a soldier who has to get home to safety and the ones you love.  You have to be courageous and look at fear in the eye and defeat it with constant and continuous steps moving forward in spite of fear.  You have to attack fear on all fronts and most importantly in your mind.  Every thought of fear and negativity you must attack immediately and replace it with your voice.  You have to speak to fear and command it to go and flee from before you.  You have to tell fear it has no place in your present or future and no matter how many times it tries to rear it's ugly head you will be there ready to attack and kill.  

You have the power to overcome fear and every other obstacle coming your way.  You will accomplish every resolution, goal and vision board item one step at a time and one victory at a time.  This thing called life is not new to you and you have overcome some hardships in your past and got through some fears.  But fear is a punk that can't stand on it's own so it tries to get you to be a punk too.  Well, you are a victorious soldier on the war path to victory!  Send me an email about your victories this year and how you overcame your fears.