Habits of Successful People

* Determine what success means to you
* Pray/meditate/visualize
* Set goals
* Write out a list the night before to complete the next day
* Early risers or go to bed later
* Read daily
* Write out your personal code of conduct(and live by it)
* Healthy lifestyle
* Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you
* Believe in yourself

* Learn to let go of something that isn't working
* Accepts responsibility
* Be grateful
* Learn to embrace change-its our only constant

* Network with like minded people
* Develop a perseverance mindset
* Learn to let go of something that isn't working
* Accepts responsibility
* Learn to embrace change-its our only constant


Steps To Stay Motivated

Felice Hightower is a licensed professional counselor who has been practicing for over 7 years helping real people with real issues.  Her first passion is helping women navigate through life's journey but has started to realize how much help men need as well.  Felice endeavors to provide a transformational experience for people who are ready for something different and are committed to creating real and lasting change.  Felice took her own advice and started her talk show, "Real Talk With Felice" a year ago.  She knew from a young age what her purpose and passion was and took a leap of faith in order to pursue her dream.  Felice truly enjoys hearing peoples stories and being a part of the change that need to occur in their lives.  

Steps to stay motivated from licensed counselor, Felice Hightower.

* Discover your "why"
* Make SMART goals
* Chew ( journal your steps and/or create a vision board)
* Get an accountability partner or join a group that shares your interest
* Get organized
* visualize yourself achieving your goals
* Keep track of your progress and make necessary changes
* post motivational quotes around your house, work place and car.
* Forgive yourself for a slip and get back up.
* Reward yourself at milestones
*Stay positive! No matter what! 

How To Tell If You Are Suffering From Depression


You may have depression if 5 or more of these symptoms are present for more than 2 weeks:

  • loss of interest or enjoyment in normal activities (activities fall under 3 categories of routine, necessary, and pleasurable)
  • persistent sad, anxious or hopeless mood
  • feelings of guilt, fear or worthlessness
  • significant weight loss or gain
  • over tiredness and/or decreased energy
  • unable to sleep or too much sleep
  • unexplained crying spells
  • difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions
  • little to no interest in companionship or intercourse
  • thoughts of death or suicide

5 Things You Need to Do If You Are Suffering From Depression

  • This is the most important!!  Let go of your stigma about depression and know that you are not alone and there is help for you
  • Talk to your primary care physician and get a referral to a good psychotherapist
  • Adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise
  • Take prescribed medications as directed and don't be afraid to look into alternative therapies
  • Do deep breathing exercises, mediation, pray, and practice replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts
Courtesy of Trust Psychology.   Click on this link to learn more about depression:  http://www.anatomystuff.co.uk/understanding-depression-chart-poster-laminated.html

Courtesy of Trust Psychology.   Click on this link to learn more about depression: http://www.anatomystuff.co.uk/understanding-depression-chart-poster-laminated.html