I Want The Invisible To Be Visible

I was trying to think about how to describe my passion for people in a couple of words and while reading an article it came to me.  I want to help the invisible become visible.  It came to me because for so many years of my life I felt as if I was invisible.  They say perception is reality, correct?  I remember growing up watching other people such as family members and friends being dotted on, adored, swooned over and sought after.  But, I never had that experience.  So, I vicariously felt it through the lives of others.  I knew I had a voice but didn't think anyone was too interested in hearing it.  To be honest, I was the dark child, the invisible one that no one saw or paid attention to.  The only ones that I felt saw me were God and my grandmother Nonnie.  But, to everyone else I was an acceptable shadow.  It wasn't until I I got to college when I started to find my voice and share it.  It was there that I I was on equal ground with everyone else and no longer in the shadows of someone elses light.  

Today, I am a huge acknowledger, if that is a word, and I want people to know that they are not invisible.  I personally try to speak to those who are easily ignored and I purposefully tell other dark children that they are beautiful because society and especially media blatantly omits us.  By the way, I love all children of all shades and tell them all they are beautiful.  I champion the autistic child and their parents for autism is a very special cause to me.  Everyone wants and deserves to be acknowledged, seen, and told that they matter.  Well, I am here today to tell you that you matter, I acknowledge you and will do my best to truly see you if you happen to cross my path.  You are NOT invisible!