Pretty- N- Ink Partners with The Salvation Army Center of Hope

The Salvation Army Center of Hope is here to help. We are an emergency shelter for women and children that provides three daily meals, case management, intervention programs, health care, child care, and guidance for school-age children and teens. The program is free and open to Mecklenburg County residents. Girls of any age and boys up to the age of 17 are welcome with their mothers. For families with boys over the age of 17, our case managers will help secure housing with one of our community partners.




Trust Your Struggle

TYS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to provide the necessary one-on-one support, awareness and educational tools to individuals and their support systems as they battle through life changing circumstances. We tackle this community need through our programs It Takes a Village, Look Good/Feel Good and The Beautiful Struggle. To learn more about TYS and how to become involved visit .

Contact: Sharon Nelson, MBA



CareerBounds Inc.

Career Bounds purpose is to promote and foster a relationship with high school students to introduce them to the idea of attending a two year or four year University. Career Bound’s role is to provide a solid educational career plan and work as a liaison with  schools, youth groups, and other organizations as well as individuals to implement a plan for success via classes, college tours and other activities. Our goal is to simply increase awareness and college enrollment for low income students.

Careerbounds offers several services that are aimed to help young teens prepare for excellence at the next level of their education. From services that help high school students mentally prepare to start college to Parent Financial Aid workshops to help fund their education, Careerbounds provides definitive results so students can make informed decisions about where to go to college.

To learn more about CareerBound Inc. and how to become involved .

Contact: Marlo Prioleau-

Ash-Shaheed Scholarship Fund began as a vision of Carolyn Yasmin Saleem who experienced the struggles of  putting a child through college, as her daughter would be her family's first college graduate.  Carolyn wanted to help more families in her community afford to send their children to college so she formed a committee of parents and grandparents of college students and college graduates.  The ASSF committee called on their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for personal donations.  ASSF began awarding scholarships within the Charlotte  community in 2000. Since then over 74 scholarships have been awarded.

The mission of the Ash-Shaheed Scholarship Fund (ASSF) is to support the education of our youth. Our main objective is to financially assist high school graduates entering their first year of college. Our secondary focus is to support educational institutions.

To learn more about Ash-Shaheed Scholarship Fund and how to become involved, visit