You're Worth The Work

You're worth the work is what I have to tell myself mentally and verbally sometimes several times a day.  Why? Well, because there are areas in my life that I wish I could coast through.  Like my weight for example.  I need to personally lose about 50 pounds to be healthy, lower my blood pressure and just feel better, but I want to lose the weight while being able to eat all the fattening, sweet, delicious foods that I want to eat without having to exercise. Don't we allhave this desire or fantasy? The fantasy is beautiful but the reality is that I can't eat whatever I want and I do have to exercise along with watching my food intake.  Basically, it spells WORK to me and for me.  I have to suck it up and decide that I am worth the work it is going to take to have the life I deserve, reach the goals I want to achieve and to be my very best. 

Not only do I tell this to myself but I tell it to my clients as well because basically we are experiencing negative outcomes in our lives due to lack of effort.  We have to work! Anything worth having, from your job/career, family/marriage, houses/cars, ANYTHING, TAKES WORK!  And guess what? It takes even more work to maintain all of these things, but be of good cheer even God rested on the 7th day.  So, we do get to rest but it is just a nap...What does this mean? Do we never get to enjoy life if we are always working? Not at all, because having the life you deserve means you should also be fulfilled in all that you have accomplished by the fact that working at something makes us intrinsically feel better about ourselves.  Lazy people are mistakenly happy and in fact miserable! Let's get real in the fact that we do take time to relax and enjoy the life we have worked hard for but there will be plenty of time to sleep and I believe they call that place the grave!

Please tell yourself everyday that you are worth the work it is going to take to have the life you so richly deserve.  If you are having difficulty with this or anything in your life for that matter please feel free to reach out to me via this website or at  I would love hearing from you and walking with you in your journey.