Something About Being A Woman

It's something about being a woman.  We're beautiful, intelligent, capable, strong, intuitive, determined, creative, etc.  What can't we do because there really isn't much. But, just because we can doesn't always mean that we should.  Just giving you something to ponder over.  Life is about balance and just because we feel and know that we can climb every mountain doesn't mean we should go for a hike.  Would I want to run for President? I doubt it, mainly because Presidents' age quicker and I am an anti-ager (LOL).  I don't need the title because I am already the President of my home, at my position at work, and in everything I do.  I am powerful and so are you.

We're powerful but, it isn't something we have to yell from the rooftops because our power is all around us and most important, within us.  Now, don't get me wrong if you are one of those woman who likes yelling your power from rooftops, please, GO FOR IT!!! I'm just saying that our power is evident everywhere.  The fact that we give birth and have sons and daughters who run countries and companies, screams power. I personally gave birth, without drugs and welcomed another woman into this earth to walk in her power.  Do you walk in your power daily? I certainly hope so.