I Enjoy Being A Woman

I enjoy being a woman.  I love everything about being a woman, including the extra estrogen that makes me emotional and mushy.  I enjoy the freedom of being able to love people.  I enjoy the freedom to wear pants even though I prefer dresses.  I enjoy being a girly girl with a little bit of edge-thanks to my upbringing.  I enjoy makeup, though I pretty much only take the time to wear it on Sundays to church (mental note: attempt to wear makeup at least one day of the week).  I enjoy the company and camaraderie of other women and the depth of our relationships and analytical conversations from world events to chocolate.

I enjoy the physical aspect of being a woman especially our anatomy - I wouldn't want it any other way.  I enjoy my own personal scent because it is mine and unique to me.  I like that I have different moods because I would hate to bore myself.  I enjoy the fact that I have intuition or as Joyce Meyers puts it "radar".  I enjoy the way that I think and that I over analyze situations and have to reel myself back in.  I enjoy being a nurturer and mother to my child and other people's children.  I enjoy being sensitive to the needs and cares of others.

I have been fearfully and wonderfully made and when God made Eve he made me.  So, I enjoy.....

Do you? If so, then let's talk.