It's Going To Take A Village

I remember as a little girl that adults could redirect me and all of the children in my neighborhood if they witnessed us doing something out of character. Looking back, I realize how important that village was not just to me but, to all of us.  Many of us came from single parent households.  My mother put in a lot of hours going back to school to get a nursing degree and work.  So, it took a village to raise me!  I wasn't a child who needed redirection because I had a healthy fear of my mother.  But, there were children who did require the redirection. 

I have been looking at the news along with other Americans thinking why would these young kids burn down their city?  Don't they know any better?  Where's their mother? But, then I think about the population that I serve at work as a counselor/social worker.  Many of the clients that I serve are children themselves who are having children.  I also think about how little they know when it comes to the things of life such as simple manners and how to respect authority.  But, I also look at where our society has come in the regard that there is no longer a village or community filling in the gaps.  We no longer feel the compassion or love to redirect someone's child we do not know - heck, we don't even know our neighbors! 

My point is, we are where we are because we dropped the ball and are hesitant in picking it up, making all sorts of excuses as to why we don't do "the village thing" anymore.  But, we have to get back to village community again.  You can pay it forward on the front end and redirect a youngster in love or pay on the backend by paying higher taxes because of burglary, theft, car I need to go on?  The village is simply about loving others and filling in the gaps.  I am grateful when someone reminded me of how to address an elder or inquired if my mom knew if I was wearing a questionable outfit.  Yes, it is our business one way or another who is helping to raise our youth.  Let's get back to a village because God knows we need to like never before.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this blog.