Real Talk Is About Giving Back

I always knew that I wanted my own show but I also knew that I wanted my show to be one that gives back to the community.  I recently went to an event at the Levine Museum of the South entitled "The Soul of Philanthropy".  I mainly attended the event because I wanted to explore different ways that I could give back and found out about giving circles

Giving circles are where like minded people get together and pull resources (money, time, talents, and abilities) to give back into their communities.  There were people on the panel from various ethnicities that included African-American, Asian and Hispanic communities.  They shared how they give back to one another within their culture.  One way is that they decide on a specific amount that each one in the circle will give or if they don't have the money they can cook food, or clean someone's house.  The money is then given to someone in their community in need or sent back to their country to help a family member out.  I was not only informed about giving circles but moved to ensure that Real Talk With Felice would be set upon a foundation of giving. 

As you have seen on the website, I will be walking to raise money for Autism in October.  Autism is close and dear to my heart because my youngest brother has autism and I love him dearly.  I have experienced the challenges a family encounters with a child with autism but with continued research and resources, we can find out what causes autism and then how to eliminate it for future families. But, in the meanwhile how do we help those with autism lead rich and full lives?  Today, my brother Peter is an awesome young man who works, just passed his GED and is in college.  I am so proud of him and have made my walk in October to be called "Peters Walk".  

Will you join me in person or in spirit with your financial donation? My goal is to raise $1000 in Peter's name.  Also, if you know of some organizations that help women and children (boys and girls) that I should be aware of please send me an email.   Help my show to build upon a foundation of giving back to others in our community.  I am only as strong as my brother and my sister.  I look forward to hearing from you and walking with you in October.