A Defining Moment For Me

I recently experienced a defining moment that some would consider somewhat funny but, it proved to be humiliating to me.  I was going to the 7th Annual Arch of Triumph gala almost two weeks ago and I had two dress choices.  I picked two dresses that I believed I could get into without any issue but, the first choice was horrible because I believe that I looked like Mr. Goodyear.  It was a pretty white dress but just would not do.  So, I was down to one dress that I just knew had to fit me because that was all I had left. Well, of course you can guess that it would not zip up all the way.  I tried everything from laying across the bed sideways to putting on two girdles.  I was so desperate I thought about greasing myself in oil (LOL). 

I almost didn't go but I had to because my sorority sister purchased my tickets so, the last option was to zip up the dress and pull it over my head.  That took about 10 excruciating and painful minutes but, it worked.  But, that's not the end of it....I had to wear the dress with my breasts almost hanging out in order for it to work.  My boyfriend was so kind that evening and continually said how beautiful I looked but, I was extremely embarrassed, uncomfortable and self-conscious. 

This was  a defining moment for me and "enough is enough". I have to lose weight, not just for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons.  My blood pressure has been steadily going up and I am just plain uncomfortable and find myself not able to do simple things without a moan, such as bending over. 

I have been challenged with going up and down in my weight since the birth of my daughter.  I am a single parent and experienced a lot of the challenges of raising a child on my own and turned to food.  I enjoy good food and consider myself a food enthusiast.  But, something has got to give and I immediately joined a gym the following Monday with my BFF.  I am on week 2 day 3 and literally taking it day by day.   I can honestly say that I feel better and like the way my energy level is steadily increasing.  I have also been watching what I eat and using an app to record what I put in my mouth.  I PLAN TO NEVER FORGET MY DEFINING MOMENT! so that I can continue on this path of a lifestyle of healthy choices. If you share this same challenge as me, please email me as I would love to hear from you.