Transitions - Always a Positive

It has been a while since I last shared with you and it is mainly because I have been in transition.  Sometimes, we make plans that don't always go the way you believe they should go or they do something completely different.  I planned and worked on getting my professional license for counseling in April.  Well, even though I had completed all the hours and work in April, my actual license didn't come through until September.  I could of thrown a tantrum or made the delay a major setback for my life but the exact opposite happened.

Opposite? What do you mean? Well, the delay was for me to get things in order for my next transition.  I was able to fine tune some things in my life and have divine encounters with people that would lead me to my next chapter.  I was able to transition to another job that will take my expertise to another level.  I was able to get organized in my personal life so that I would be prepared for the transition.  Sometimes, transition can be fearful, difficult, surprising, and/or pleasant.  But, transition should be a pattern that we all experience in our journeys because we should be going from glory to glorybecause stagnation or complacency starts to make you miserable.  We were created to grow and evolve and with that takes work to keep moving forward.  But to stand still means to die because we no longer contribute to the greater good.  Transition has nothing to do with ourselves but what we can do for others.  I feel better when I am learning or experience something that I can share with someone else who is in need.  That is why I went into counseling.  I genuinely care about others and want to see their lives changed for the better and if I know something that can bring about that change then why not. 

So, transition - always a positive and if it isn't for you then would you at least consider changing your perspective?  I would love to dialogue with you.  If you need to talk please consider inboxing me.  I look forward to hearing from you.