Why Real Talk?

Why real talk?  Well, first for obvious reasons, I like to talk and talk a lot.  I remember talking to myself as a young child when I had no one else to talk to and my grandmother Nonnie would say, "you gonna be rich".  Now, why she would say that I do not know, but, I am still waiting on parts of her vision for me to manifest itself.  The second reason for real talk is because I am genuinely interested in hearing people's stories.  I have been able to have to some really powerful dialogue with people by not passing judgment or being critical when they are sharing their perspective. The third and probably most important reason for real talk is that I find fulfillment in helping people acknowledge, process, and find a resolution for themselves by providing tangible skills.   The fourth reason for real talk is that we all need someone to talk to and to know that we are not alone.  There is something about people coming together to talk, release, and share that can be powerful.  Please contact me by email if you would like to be a guest and/or audience member of Real Talk With Felice.  I'd love to talk with you.