Perseverance is Key

I remember walking across the stage to get my Masters degree in Counseling with a sense of accomplishment.  I did it! The last time I had been to school was 16 years previously earning an undergraduate degree in Economics???? I did that because I thought that I would make more money out of college with some sort of business degree instead of following my passion.  I decided that for the second phase of my life I was going to do just that and follow my passion, which is people.  I had been working in the banking industry for about 15 years total with the last 9 as a trainer.  I had seemingly survived 3 mergers in which the bank paid for me to go back to school.  I was working full-time, taking

at least 3 classes (12 credit hours per semester) and raising my daughter who was in her last years of high school.  I take being a mother seriously so I purposed that she would still have my full attention while pursuing a higher degree.  To say the least, I was burned out by the time I walked across that stage.  But, that wasn't the end of it.  I still needed an additional 3000 hours to complete before becoming a licensed professional counselor.  Please know and understand how those hours looked like a HUGE mountain I could not nor wanted to climb.  But, I did start climbing and perseverance is key.  I will be a LPC come first quarter of 2015 and I give God all the glory!!!  First I would share that you have to decide, start, and then persevere (hang in there and don't give up).  You can and will achieve your goals if you just persevere.